Oliver Held

Budapest ´93

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  • 4:30 min
  • Hi8 on S-VHS

“Budapest ‘93” is a rhythmic collage of video footage from a ‘work in progress’ group exhibition at the Budapest Academy of Arts, covering the action “Lowering the Body’s Centre of Gravity by Another 48 Centimeters” and a walk-in sculpture installed for the finissage named “how? embarrassing”.

The idea of “Lowering the Body …” was to sit begging for money in a main shopping street in Budapest for one hour. No spoken words were used, just a sign that read (in Hungarian): “I am deaf, dumb and hungry”.

The sculpture “how? embarrassing” blocked the entrance to our exhibition room. On the floor inside the sculpture, in the doorway a white satin square was spread out, whose size corresponded with my own and the width of the doorway. Underneath it there were halved strawberries with their flat side on the floor. It was winter, and in Budapest the price of strawberries was enormous, at least for Hungarians. At 1.85 meters (that’s how tall I am) there was an orange-coloured fishing line fastened across the doorframe, that corresponded with a similar vertical line inside the exhibition room. The visitors of the finissage were thus forced to tread on the white cloth.