Oliver Held

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  • Title: building-1
  • Videoobject / videoinstallation 2003
  • Elements: 1 Video on TV-set, TV-feet or beamer, active loudspeakers
  • Video: DVD
  • Size: 120 cm high, 50 cm long, 90 cm wide or projection

A woman sitting on the edge of her bed. From behind the camera you hear the voice of a police detective: The woman shall re-enact the awful accident in which her husband was killed. Another detective lays down on the other side of the bed and takes the position of her husband, in which he was when the police found him. The woman tries to describe the situation. She grabs under the pillow of her husband - encouraged by the detective - and points the gun on the second detective. The voice from behind the camera requests her again and again to adopt the exact position she had when the shot went of. The woman tries hard but she is finally not able to give a precise description of what has happened. What she says does not match to what has realistically happened. She gets more and more nervous. She entangles herself in contradictions. When the detectives end the questioning there is no doubt that she has killed her husband. The questioning starts again and again and proceeds nearly similar.

The woman - played by Dagmar Sachse - was not informed before the beginning of the shooting what will happen on set. She knew what kind of character she should represent but not what this person has done. During the questioning she gets to know that she probably killed her husband. The only stage directive she got was to deny everything she should have done. She shall establish her own reality and keep it in all passages. The shooting ends with the end of the videotape.

The material was sorted, the passages which seemed to be important for clearing up the case was played several times; the unimportant parts