Oliver Held

Das Lachen Münsters

  • Title: Das Lachen Münsters - Münster’s laughter
  • Installation
  • Video format: DV Cam
  • 10 TV-sets or your own one

Münster’s Laughter consists of about 700 faces, laughing in front of my camera at the citizens’ office at the city of Münster’s central administration building.

All the faces were recorded in front of a neutral backdrop and later their positions were finetuned at the computer. The right eye served as the anchor point, i.e. this region stays fixed while the rest of the face shakes itself laughing around it. Synchronised in this manner, the laughers were layered on top of each other transparently. Each of them contributes one percent to the visible image, there are always 50 women and 50 men. When one face finishes, it is immediately replaced by another. The ingredients change, but the mixture remains constant.

The result was shown on the local station TV Münster for two weeks. For those without access to cable TV there was an installation of ten TV screens in the window of the citizens’ advice office in the centre of town.