Oliver Held

Die Sammelwerbung - The composite commercial

  • 9 min
  • Beta SP on Beta Sp

Art videos can only be presented at exhibitions, festivals or at extremely unpopular times on television.

The composite commercial, broadcast during the usual commercial breaks, is meant to advertise five products. The time and money that the advertising business commands, are to be used to stage one character. This person, the commercial’s host, is always shown sitting in a kitchen and his job is to promote five previously selected products. A new spot of 10 to 60 seconds is added every day. At first the unexperienced protagonist may seem unsure of himself, but with his increasing popularity his creativity grows. Even in his first spots, he does not necessarily present the qualities of the products that might be important for a customer’s decision to buy, but those that he can see or think of on the spur of the moment. After some time, the viewer recognizes the products as soon as the host appears. Meanwhile the protagonist has lost his initial inhibitions and lets his imagination run free, without caring for any of the products’ qualities.