Oliver Held

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  • Title: finder
  • Videoinstallation 2006
  • Elements: Beamer, DVD-player, screen, active loudspeakers
  • Format / Size: 3:3,3
  • Video: DV, presentation format DVD

The people you know best are those from your  own  family. You  know  their abilities, their mistakes, their crankiness  and  their  affectations. And they are exactly the persons whose outer appearance you can’t describe.

Maybe it’s because you see those persons more with your heart than with your eyes. Or maybe you created their image many years ago and you update that only occasionally.

In case you have to describe the outer appearance of a person of your own family, you will get the same problem like an artist when he works with people who act according to his orders. You are - in a way - so sure about the inner core of what/whom you describe that you loose sight of how it appears.

I forced my mother into such a situation by sending her to the police records department of Bremen. There she had to describe my face to a detective who created a phantom image to her description with a computer.

The video “FINDER” shows the struggle for the right words  and expressions. It is for sure a self-portrait even though it is mostly created by other people.