Oliver Held

  • Title: geweitet (schwarz) - widened (black)
  • Size: 200 cm (high) x 260 cm (wide) x 340 cm (long)
  • Video format: S-VHS
  • TV-set: Grundig Monolith

Push aside the black curtain and enter the narrow, dark corridor. Where it ends you turn left and reach a completely black room. The absolute darkness is overwhelming, and it takes some time until your eyes can recognize the black square at the end of the room. Meanwhile with your groping fingers you have found a chair. You sit down. The square has now begun to shine gray. It attracts you. Your head turns slowly toward the field of light. You submerge in it. The field of light becomes a new space, a new galaxy that you soar through. Its gravity increases. You become oblivious of time. When after a quarter of an hour you remember yourself, you have the feeling of having spent only about three minutes in this room. Now that your eyes have adapted to the darkness, irritated by the black shapes on your retina, you try to grasp the interior of the room. But you never fully succeed. You see now that the square is farther away than it seemed at first. And you think you discern, in the middle of what you now believe to be square of light gray, a darker, almost black square, the fringes of which glisten with multiple colours, and once more you are drawn into the mysterious strange universe, you sink back into endlessness and quit.

After you leave the room, body and mind seem to work in slow motion, embedded in a deep melancholy.