Oliver Held

Menschen, die ihr Herz am rechten Fleck tragen

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  • Title: Menschen, die ihr Herz am rechten Fleck tragen - People carrying their heart on the right spot
  • Videoinstallation 2002
  • Elemente: 2 videos on TV - sets or Beamer
  • Video: DVcam on BetaSP, presentation - format DV or DVD
  • Size: projections 16:10

“People carrying their heart on the right spot”

A young woman and a young man are running (auf sich zu ohne sich zu treffen?). Enclosed by equal looking prefabricted houses they trie to reach the end of the settlement. At this point their unavailing efforts starts again.

The protagonists did that 90 times in a settlement of asylum seekers in Münster. 

The videosequences were layered and targeted. Theirfor I choosed the “optimal run” of each protagonists and analysed it in the computer. The red spot on the chests of the actors was used as anchor - point. The position of this spot was defined for each single frame. Then the spot was located in all the other runs and forced to the position of the spot in the selected run.

Out of this 90 runs, which were layered transparently, occurs a clear red spot because of the precise anchorage - only the backgrounds get shaky.