Oliver Held

Mein persönliches Menschenrecht

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  • Title: Mein persönliches Menschenrecht - my personal human right
  • Installation
  • Video format: VHS
  • 5 TV-sets, things from the students rooms

“Art Special: Hansa” this time was held under the motto “Human Rights”. The conception behind the Art Special event is that the invited artists produce a work together with the students of Hansagymnasium or Kaiserinnen Augusta School, respectively. For me, the motto seemed somewhat abstract, I had no direct access. Therefore I developed the idea of “My personal human right”. Each of five students of the Kaiserinnen Augusta School wrote an English text about the personal right that to her seemed the most important one. For one it was the right to privacy, for another the right of free speech, but the approach was always a direct and personal one: “I don’t want mybrother to come in.” We started at points that concerned the respective author in her own world. Then, I cut the texts up into their composite parts isolating central theses and key phrases. Then each of the students was given one corner of the room in the old dairy workshop, that she decorated with things from their room at home. From her own corner, each of them spoke the texts into the camera, without a written concept. Then, following rhythmic and agitatorian principles, the pieces were edited so that the result was something like a speech. This speech was then played on the video screens in the students’ corners. In the middle of the room one had the impression of a class without a teacher, but when you approached one of the corners and took a seat on one the coushions and rugs arranged comfortably in front of the video screens, you were able to understand what the student was trying to say.