Oliver Held

  • Title: orange
  • Size: 192 cm (high) x 120 cm (wide) x 80 cm (long)
  • Video format: VHS
  • TV set: Grundig XC

 A grey room with a peephole in the door. Through the peephole you can see an orange-coloured upright rectangle, slightly vibrating, without visible support. You open the door and enter a room of vibrating orange. Closing the door behind you, you surrender to the impression of the video image shining through a narrow opening in the wall at the end of the room, and you feel how the image seems to burn you up. Your retina is overstimulated beyond measure. You start to see colours and shapes that don’t exist, but - because of their sheer intensity - leave on your mind an impression so strong that you suffer the flickering light and even ignore its very existence. You become acutely aware of this fact after you’ve left the room again, because now the exhibition room seems to flicker in the complementary colour, green.