Oliver Held

Stille Weiher - Silent points

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  • 38 min
  • Mixed Media on Beta SP

Gustav Klimt searching for the Work of Art of the Present Time.

Based on Klimt’s paintings, Silent Ponds finds reasons for kitsch being art, art being kitsch and art being art or not? Who may know and who may judge?

In an ornamental stream of images, statements and actions, the film tries to find an adequate way to document and critically discuss the oeuvre of the Jugenstil painter and its relation to our present time.

Klimt’s work is being marketed without mercy. There’s Klimt on tea tins, umbrellas, memory cards … and in art catalogues. If this were not so, most people today wouldn’t know him. The opportunities for his pictures to become art would be much rarer, because they would be looked at much less often. Klimt was the first to maintain that a work of art becomes a work of art only in the mind of the beholder, now sees his oeuvre extended by reproductions.

A portrait of an artists that intends to do without simply “filming

pictures” and makes the effort to enter the artist’s imaginative world.